Luxury homes planned for Lisvane

View of fields and hedges

Land threatened with development, Lisvane. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Carlyle Developments have submitted plans to build 40 new “executive-style” houses on a 10-acre site in Lisvane.

More than 44 trees would be felled to make way for the stylish houses, including mature ash, oak, sycamore and cherry trees.

Each red-brick home would have six bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a double garage.

Planners say the posh houses would cost between £600,000 and just over £1m.

The major housing development is planned for a site along Lisvane Road, next to Balmoral Close and Hunters Lodge. The development would be a two-hectare site north of Lisvane Road and a 2.2-hectare site to the south.

A roundabout will be constructed, but no other improvements are proposed to Lisvane Road to accommodate the extra traffic brought by the houses.

Carlyle Developments are a US company who are “consistently seeking higher than normal returns on its investments, through acquisition of select non-performing real estate... or high-quality properties in distressed markets.”

Cardiff Friends of the Earth oppose this development Coordinator, Raoul Bhambral said “we don't think that mature trees should be sacrificed to create a millionaire's playground. We need high density affordable homes for local residents not this luxury housing proposal from the States.”

"We don't think Lisvane Road will be able to cope with the extra traffic. Other developments have been rejected in the area for this reason."