Support 20mph zones in Cardiff

Map showing the boundaries of the Cardiff 20mph pilot scheme

Cardiff Council is consulting on introducing a 20mph speed limit in part of Cathays and Plasnewydd. They hope this will improve road safety, make it easier for people to walk and cycle, increase sociability and generally make Cardiff a nicer place to live.

The proposed 20mph zone will only have speed limit signs, there won’t be any road humps or other traffic calming measures installed.

Research has shown that 20mph speed limits reduce the number and seriousness of accidents. A pedestrian or cyclist is seven times less likely to be killed in a collision with vehicle traveling at 20mph than with one traveling at 30mph.

Research has shown that 20mph speed limits have very little impact on journey times by car or bus.

If members of the public back the pilot scheme, it would start in 2014 and last for two years. If it successful it is likely that the council would introduce 20mph zones in other parts of the city.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth support the introduction of 20mph zones throughout Cardiff because it would:

  • cut the number and severity of accidents
  • reduce road noise levels
  • make neighbourhoods better
  • increase walking and cycling.