Tell Norway to ditch Shell

Two oil wells surounded by a lake of oil in grassland.

Leaking oil wells in the Niger Delta Photo: Friends of the Earth

Last month 28 Right Livelihood Award winners wrote to the Norway Government Pension Fund asking it to sell all its holdings in Shell because of the environmental harm caused by it in the Niger Delta, Nigeria.

The Norwegian government created the Norway Government Pension Fund to invest the income from the sale of Norwegian oil for future generations.

The pension fund's Council of Ethics sets guidelines as to which companies the fund can invest money in. These exclude companies that directly or indirectly contribute to killing, torture, deprivation of freedom or other violations of human rights. Companies that breach certain environmental guidelines can also be excluded.

The 28 Right Livelihood Award laureates share our belief that Shell is in serious breach of the Council of Ethics' guidelines because of the environmental damage it is doing in the Niger Delta. For this reason the company should be kicked out of the pension fund.

Take action

Please tell the Norway Pension Fund to sell its holdings in Shell immediately.