Transport plan for Cardiff

Traffic on Station Terrace

Traffic in Cardiff. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Cardiff Friends of the Earth believe that Cardiff Civic Society's proposals for an integrated transport system in Cardiff is, like the curate's egg, good in parts.

Cardiff has suffered from not having a coherent transport plan for many years. This has allowed the continued growth in traffic levels which threatens to bring the city to a halt and suffocate its residents.

We agree with Cardiff Civic Society that we need greater use of park-and-ride schemes located as close to the start of people's journey as possible. To solve Cardiff's transport woes we need more that just better co-ordination of bus, cycle and train routes. We must improve these methods of transport, together with walking, so they become more attractive and commuters are happy to leave their cars at home.

We need more frequent buses and bus priority measures to prevent them being stuck in traffic. A major upgrade to the Valleys Lines infrastructure with longer, faster and more frequent trains is essential. We must Improve road junctions so they are safe for cyclists and pedestrians. We also need to reconsider where we locate shops, offices and other workplaces so they are easy to get to by public transport.

These changes would also benefit drivers. When driving is essential they would spend less time stuck in traffic jams. This reduces their stress levels and prevents wear and tear on the car.

Building the Eastern Bay Link Road is unnecessary and would be a waste of money. Evidence shows that building new roads simply increases the number of people who drive leading to more congestion.

We support these improvements being funded by the introduction of a congestion charge in Cardiff because that is the fairest way to do so. It also gives drivers a financial incentive to switch to other methods of transport.