Traffic congestion on Newport Road

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth


Walking is cheap, healthy and non-polluting. It joins other form of transport together.

In 2004 12 percent of journeys to work in Cardiff were made by walking. In Wales:

  • 28 percent of all travel is by walking
  • 81 percent of journeys less than one mile are made by walking

Encouraging walking

Walking should be encouraged by:

  • A network of new, direct, pedestrian routes
  • Better street maintenance
  • Pedestrian priority on local and residential streets
  • Better design of streets
  • Better surface crossings of main roads

Cardiff’s streets are not only routes for travel and the movement of goods. They should be places for socialising, children's play, public meetings, entertainments and demonstrations.

Planners often ignore the fact that in many streets - particularly local high streets - there are far more people on foot than in vehicles. Roads and side turnings are widened and pavements narrowed to speed up the traffic. Barriers stop people crossing where they want. The lighting and street signs are designed for vehicles. The result is an intimidating place for walkers.

We want:

  • junctions designed so that crossing is safer and easier
  • local streets that include "traffic calming" and other measures that balance the needs of people and traffic
  • crossings put where people find them convenient

Well planned streets

People have been squeezed out by buildings and traffic. We want:

  • people-friendly design so that new buildings improve the street
  • pavements without obstructions that are wide enough for their busiest use and fully accessible to all users
  • high-quality pavements, benches, bins and other street furniture in the right places
  • the council to make street and public space maintenance a top priority

Well-lit and safe, day and night

People need to feel safe when walking. Planners should design streets and buildings to reduce crime. We need:

  • better design, lighting and policing to make streets and public spaces safe and attractive
  • subways to be replaced with street-level crossing places

Attractive places to sit and walk

Attractive and interesting streets encourage people to stroll. They should also be places to chat to neighbours, read or to watch the passing scene. We need:

  • new public spaces
  • better maintenance of benches and resting points
  • new public art
  • tree planting

Convenient links for walkers

  • Cul-de-sacs and blocked-off routes must be avoided
  • Developers should protect existing routes

Maps and street signs

Street signs are often missing and poorly presented. Clear signs help both locals and visitors. It also shows pride in the community. We want:

  • the council to clean or replace damaged or vandalized street-name signs promptly
  • new signs showing local street maps and places of interest

Other ways to improve out lives an reduce dependance on cars include:

  • Cycling
  • Buses
  • Rail