Legal challenge to the Cardiff waste incinerator

Smoke from an incinerator chimney

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth Cymru has launched a legal challenge against plans by the Welsh Government to fund a massive £105m waste incinerator in Cardiff. The action comes as Cardiff City Council and its partners are poised to sign a contract committing the city to 25 years of waste incineration.

Stop the Gagging Bill

The government is trying to push through a Bill that would stop much of Friends of the Earth's work on our most important campaigns.

The Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Union Administration Bill is a complex piece of legislation, but its repercussions for us are very simple. If passed in its current form, it could shut down most of Friends of the Earth's work for a whole year from May next year.

Ask Cardiff Council to get Llanishen Reservoir refilled

Lisvane Reservoir closure notice

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Llanishen Reservoir was built by the Victorians. It is a Grade II listed structure, and the grassland surrounding it is a SSSI.

Welsh Government approves incinerator grant

Graph showing waste rising from 165,000 tonnes to 180,000 tonnes and target for it to fall from 154,000 tonnes to 960,000 tonnes between 2015 and 2041. The Guaranteed Minimum Tonnage is set at 350,000 tonnes.

Source: Prosiect Gwyrdd Welsh Government Final Business Case Clarifications

Help end cold homes

Elderly woman warming herself by the fire

© Friends of the Earth

This year just 245 households have taken out the Government's Green Deal energy efficiency loan. This confirms our view that the Green Deal is completely inadequate to fix cold homes and climate change. But there is a solution.

Even if people's interest picks up the insulation rates would be too slow to meet climate targets.

Traces of weedkiller found in humans


Tests conducted by Medical Laboratory Bremen for Friends of the Earth found that people in 18 countries across Europe had traces of the weed killer glyphosate in their urine.

The findings raise concerns about increasing levels of exposure to weed killers. Farmers are likely to use more glyphosate if the EU relaxes controls on growing genetically modified (GM) crops.

Turn up the heat on Apple

Mining spoil heaps with tropical forest in distance

The devastation caused by tin mining on Bangka Island © Friends of the Earth

Thousands of emails from our amazing suporters forced Apple's biggest rival, Samsung, to confirm that it uses forest-trashing tin from Indonesia's Bangka Island in its products.

But Apple is still refusing to go public about whether its phones contain tin from Bangka Island.

Tell your MP to back clean energy

Workmen installing a solar panel on a roof

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

MPs will vote on the clean power target in the Energy Bill on 3 June. This would cut carbon emissions and create thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Samsung admits to using unsustainable tin

Mounds of mining waste with forest in the distance.

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth supporters have forced the world's biggest-selling smartphone maker to confirm that it uses forest-trashing tin in its products.

Samsung, a multi-billion pound company, has investigated its supply chain and discovered that it uses Bangka Island's tin. This tin mining is destroying tropical forests, coral reefs and livelihoods.

Reject the Viridor incinerator bid

Incinerator chimney belching smoke

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

The councillors of Caerphilly, Cardiff, Monmouthshire, Newport, and Vale of Glamorgan are due in the next few days to vote on whether to accept Viridor's bid to burn council black bag waste in their incinerator.

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