Cardiff Friends of the Earth Newsletter - Summer 1998

Nycomed Amersham radioactive waste

The following is a letter sent to Cardiff Friends of the Earth by Community Concern.

Last year, Nycomed Amersham applied for a licence to bring 285 drums of radioactive waste to store at their Forest Farm site in north Cardiff. Over 1,400 letters of objection to this plan were sent to the Environment Agency by the people of Cardiff. Community Concern saw set up to research the implications of the application.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Newsletter - Winter 1997

Light rail derailed

By Julian Langston

A light rail scheme for Cardiff may no longer be on the cards according to new statements from Cardiff County Council.

The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) bid that was accepted for the development along Bute Avenue, the proposed grand boulevard linking Cardiff city centre with the Inner Harbour area of Cardiff Bay, is believed now not to include the construction of a light rail system.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Newsletter - Autumn 1997

Thanks Ron

It was not so much the fact of Ron Davies' decision to complete the Cardiff Bay Barrage as the manner, and speed of it, that came as such a surprise. A Parliamentary Answer slipped out late on Friday 4 July which nobody seemed to notice until the following Monday morning.

Oddly enough, Ron Davies had been in Cardiff on Thursday 3 July telling Labour Party members how much he believed in open government and public participation.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Newsletter - Winter 1996

Cut VAT on energy-saving materials

By Phil Pinder

It's that time of year again, with the nights drawing in and the cold creeping in through the holes in your socks. Friends of the Earth are backing the Association for the Conservation of Energy's (ACE) call for the Government to reduce VAT on energy-saving materials to eight percent.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Newsletter Autumn 1995

Wentlooge – St Mellons Link Road – RIP

Cardiff Friends of the Earth has been fighting a long-term battle against three roads which South Glamorgan County Council were determined to foist upon Cardiff: the Wentlooge – St Mellons Link; the Ely Spur; and the Eastern Approach Road (aka the Wenlooge Motorway). All three were included in early versions of the South Glamorgan Structure Plan and the City of Cardiff Local Plan.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Newsletter - Spring 1994

Earmarked for destruction

In a wide-ranging speech on the Environment to Aberavon Conservative Association on March 28 1994 the Welsh Secretary, John Redwood, signalled his intention to allow the wholesale destruction of the coastal plain between Cardiff and Newport by development. In doing so he effectively endorsed the nightmare vision currently being peddled by South Glamorgan County Council.

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