Object to Cardiff incinerator planning conditions

Chimney belching smoke

Photo: Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Viridor's Cardiff incinerator development has now reached a critical stage. Pressure from Cardiff Against the Incinerator has forced Cardiff Council to comply with planning law by consulting local residents on the planning conditions.

You must respond to the consultation by 12 August 2012.

Help free Miguel Corera

Miguel Correa

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Miguel Correa, urgently needs our help following his wrongful arrest for murder in Paraguay.

Twenty year old Miguel was a participant in Friends of the Earth Paraguay's sustainable farming project.

He feared his friend had been injured in violent clashes during a police-led eviction of peasant farmers. Shots were fired, resulting in 17 dead and many injured.

Reclaim the UN from corporate capture

The earth surrounded by people 

The influence of big corporations and business lobby groups is growing within the UN. This is through government delegations, and in multilateral negotiations.

As governments gather at the UN Rio+20 Summit this week, we believe it is time to reclaim the UN from corporate capture, and restore it to it's rightful place as a peoples’ space.

We want:

Stop governments funding dirty energy

Nick Clegg Rio+20 summit

At the Rio Earth Summit 20 years ago world leaders agreed to tackle climate change. Since then they have failed to take the steps needed to cut emissions.

They will meet in again Rio on 20 June. This is their chance to make up for two decades of missed opportunities.

Cut Europe's land footprint

Mechanical digger loading soil onto a lorry

Photo: Friends of the Earth Europe

Europe has one of the largest land footprints in the world because it imports massive amounts of food and other goods from the rest of the world every year. These goods, such as meat, dairy and forestry products, need large areas of land.

Europe's high levels of land consumption:

Choose clean British energy

Clean British Energy logo 

On 9 May Elizabeth Windsor will make her Queen's Speech. In it she will announce that the Government is introducing a new Bill to transform Britain's energy production. Many people want the Government to choose a clean energy future.

We are at a crossroads. Britain can either go down the route of yet more coal, gas and nuclear power. This would lead to:

Final Demand petition delivered

Four campaigners standing outside 10 Downing Street with the Final Demand petition

Photo: Friends of the Earth

Four members of Friends of the Earth went to 10 Downing Street on Monday to deliver our Final Demand petition. It had tens of thousands of names on it.

Volunteer Newsletter Editor vacancy

Based: At home

Why we want you

We are looking for a volunteer Newsletter Editor to design, edit, and distribute our quarterly newsletters. This will enable the group to communicate what we are doing to our members and the public.

You would encourage and coordinate story contributions. Create print and electronic copies of the newsletter. Organise the printing and distribution of the newsletter. Liaise with other members of the group on news stories.

EU politicians back energy-saving law

Workman installing cavity wall insulation

Photo: Friends of the Earth

Cardiff Friends of the Earth are pleased that MEPs yesterday backed a set of energy-saving proposals. This clears the way for a deal by the end of June on a law that could boost jobs, household incomes and cut fuel imports.

NHS staff ditch their cars

Cyclist riding on segregated cycle path

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

A three-year project by Sustrans at Welsh hospitals has cut car use as staff cycle, walk or car-share instead. At some hospitals single-occupancy car use has fallen by 15 percent.

Regular exercise such as cycling and walking improves the health of staff and reduces absenteeism and sickness rates. It also improves the hospital environment for staff, patients and visitors.

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