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Speak Up week of action

Welsh National Assembly building and Speak Up logo

We need strong cross-party agreement on climate action. During the Speak Up week of action thousands of people around the country will be meeting their MPs and AMs to let them know how important it is to tackle climate change.

Tell David Cameron to protect the UK from flooding

Street flooded submerging cars

After Storm Desmond and Storm Eva caused havoc and misery to thousands across the country, Storm Frank swept over the country leaving huge areas underwater.

These storms have caused devastating floods with Cumbria, Lancashire, and Yorkshire particularly affected.

As the effects of climate change get worse. As global temperatures go up, rainfall will increase and sea levels will rise. We can expect severe flooding more often as a result.

Help save the world by eating chocolate

Gluten-free chocolate and almond cake

Cafés and restaurants in Cardiff are helping to spread the message about the need to take action on climate change. They are adding a 'Climate Change Special' made with Fair Trade chocolate to their menu during the Paris climate change talks.

Tell Barclays to stop funding fracking

Barclays, stop fracking in North Yorkshire

Barclays own fracking company Third Energy, who want to frack in beautiful Ryedale, North Yorkshire. They want to drill up to 950 wells at 19 sites, each generating more than 900 HGV trips.

People in Yorkshire don’t want fracking: it puts their health and homes at huge risk and it goes against everything we need to do to stop climate change.

Cardiff Council has over £105 Million in risky fossil fuel investments

oil rig at sunset with yellow sky

Photo: Kate Truitt

Cardiff Council has invested an astonishing £27.6 million of public money directly through their workers pension fund in fossil fuel companies like BP and Shell. With a further £77.6 million estimated to be invested in fossil fuel companies through investment funds.

Donate to help victims of Typhoon Haiyan

People walking past wreckage and felled trees

An estimated 10,000 people are feared to have been killed by Typhoon Haiyan that hit the Philippines. Hundreds of thousands have been displaced and as many as 10 million affected. The survivor's most urgent needs are for water, food and shelter.

Help end cold homes

Elderly woman warming herself by the fire

© Friends of the Earth

This year just 245 households have taken out the Government's Green Deal energy efficiency loan. This confirms our view that the Green Deal is completely inadequate to fix cold homes and climate change. But there is a solution.

Even if people's interest picks up the insulation rates would be too slow to meet climate targets.

Climate and energy

Local group members holding The Big Ask banner

Local group members Ask the Big Question on climate change. Photo: Lyndsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

Global climate change is the single biggest environmental threat facing the planet.

Climate scientists predict that extreme weather events will become more frequent because of climate change.

why Coal Seam Gas extraction is bad

 Fracking campaign logo

Coal Seam Gas (CSG), also called Coal Bed Methane, is a controversial new technique for extracting methane gas from underground. A series of wells are first drilled into the coal seam. These wells don't produce much gas until the coal seam is broken up by hydraulic fracturing (fracking). A fracturing fluid is pumped into the coal seam at high pressure to crack open the rock, this lets the gas flow to the well more easily.

Stand up to George Osbourne

George Osbourne

Photo: © Ewan McIntosh

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, has declared war on the environment, and the Lib Dems are letting him get away with it.

The announcement that wind subsidies have been spared a massive 25% cut has been spun as a big victory for Ed Davey, the Lib Dem Energy Secretary.

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