Tell Amber Rudd to keep support for solar

A family standing outside a house with solar panels on it.

Photo: Friends of the Earth

In May Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said she wanted to unleash a “solar revolution”. Instead she is planning to cut support for solar by 87%.

If these cuts go through:

Stop the government's attack on solar energy

Men installing solar panels

Photo: Friends of the Earth


The Government wants to stop communities switching to clean solar energy to tackle climate change.

Schools, hospitals, and businesses have been installing solar panels and getting free energy from the sun.

But now the Government wants to stop all new solar projects.

Help us stop the Government’s attack on clean energy.

Tell the Peers to vote for clean energy

Peers standing in front of the House of Lords with a sign saying vote for clean power

© Friends of the Earth

George Osborne wants massive tax breaks for fracking and the relaxation of planning rules.

When the Energy Bill was in the House of Commons, huge numbers of emails, letters, meetings & phone calls from people supporting a a clean power target convinced a group of Government MPs to rebel. The amendment was rejected by just a few votes.

Help end fuel poverty

Workman insulating a house wall

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Earlier this year thousands of our supporters signed our petition demanding an end to the scandal of cold homes.

In sunny weather it’s easy to forget the harsh winters we have. Every year 4.5 million households can't afford to heat their homes properly.

Donate to fight fracking

Drilling rig next to field of cabages

A fracking site in Lancashire. Photo: © REAF

David Cameron and George Osborne are determined to bring fracking for shale gas to the UK.

In the US, evidence is mounting for the environmental and human costs of fracking. A toxic mix of chemicals left underground, high pollution levels and earthquakes can be all side-effects of the fracking process.

Tell your MP to back clean energy

Workmen installing a solar panel on a roof

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

MPs will vote on the clean power target in the Energy Bill on 3 June. This would cut carbon emissions and create thousands of new jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Renewable Energy

View of houses with a wind turbine in the distance

Wind turbine producing energy at G24 Innovations, Cardiff. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

why Coal Seam Gas extraction is bad

 Fracking campaign logo

Coal Seam Gas (CSG), also called Coal Bed Methane, is a controversial new technique for extracting methane gas from underground. A series of wells are first drilled into the coal seam. These wells don't produce much gas until the coal seam is broken up by hydraulic fracturing (fracking). A fracturing fluid is pumped into the coal seam at high pressure to crack open the rock, this lets the gas flow to the well more easily.

Help stop fracking in Wales

Shale gas drilling rig next to a field of cabbages

Shale gas drilling rig near Southport © REAF

On 6 July 2012 a Planning Inquiry recommended that controversial exploratory drilling for shale gas should go ahead at the Llandow Industrial Estate, Vale of Glamorgan.

Stand up for Clean British Energy

Clean British Energy logo

Friends of the Earth want the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey, to put clean British energy at the heart of his upcoming Energy Bill.

The Chancellor, George Osborne, wants Britain to commit to new gas power stations. This will increase energy bills for decades and fuel climate change.

We must persuade MPs to tell Ed Davey to stand up to the Chancellor by backing clean British energy.

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