Guatemalan mayor rejects dam consultation result

 Regulation for the companies does not stop the towns

Meeting about the dams with a banner saying Regulation for the companies does not stop the towns. Photo: Chico Sebastián

“The Mayor of San Mateo Ixtatan and the transnational companies are very close. Money plays an important part here, especially since we are 35 days away from the elections, when the Mayor will seek re-election”.

Stop Shell gas flaring in Nigeria

Two children watching a Shell horizontal gas flare in Nigeria

Children in the Niger Delta look on at a Shell horizontal gas flare.
© Elaine Gilligan / Friends of the Earth

Despite promises made by Shell since the 1990s to stop flaring the 'associated' gas released in oil production in Nigeria, Shell flared more gas in 2010 than it did in 2009 in the West African country.

Help stop coal mining in Australia

Crowd of people in a park watching man showing a model of a drilling rig.

Murwillumbah rally. Photo: Lock the Gate Alliance

Mecrus Resources has lodged applications for Exploration Permits for three districts in the south-west of the State of Victoria in Australia. The company wants to conduct soil and rock sampling and drilling to establish the presence of minerals.

Lufthansa's green claims don't fly

Jet passenger aircraft with vapour trails

Lufthansa has launched its first controversial bio-fuelled flight, amidst outcry from green groups. Fuelling aeroplanes with biofuels presents Lufthansa and the aviation industry with a convenient smokescreen, greenwashing their image, facilitating the airline industry’s expansion plans and diverting political attention from the real need to cut air travel in order to tackle climate change.

Take action on cold rented homes

Workman insulating a cold home

Insulating homes saves money and lives.

Homes that are badly insulated and poorly heated make people ill, contribute to climate change and cost a fortune to heat.

Over 4 million households now live in fuel poverty (when you can't afford to heat your home to a reasonable standard). This includes the old, the poor, students and the disabled.

Sign the petition for energy saving

Green tick


We've got Ministers to talk about council action on climate change emissions. They have declared action by councils to be 'vital' to meeting our Climate Change Act targets.

The Energy Bill is meant to drive energy efficiency nationwide, but it still doesn't include a commitment to councils taking action on climate change.

Say no to increase in 'safe' levels of radiation for children

 Protest march in Tokyo about the Fukashima nuclear accident

Protest about the Fukashima nuclear power accident in Tokyo.

Friends of the Earth Japan want the Japanese government to reverse their decision to increase the level of "safe" radiation exposure to children.

Help strengthen the Government's Energy Bill

House with solar panels

Image: © Paul Glendell, Friends of the Earth.

The Government's Energy Bill is an important opportunity to move to a low-carbon economy. The Government's minimum energy efficiency standard amendment to the Energy Bill is not strong enough.

The Government must do more to deliver the energy efficiency measures needed in our homes and communities to help meet existing Climate Change Act and fuel poverty commitments.

Reduce your ecological footprint

Green footprint

Ecological footprints are a way of working out how much of an impact on the environment we make. How people live their lives affects the amount of resources they use and the levels of pollution that create.

Here are some things you can do to reduce your footprint:

Small-scale renewable energy

Photovoltaic array on roof

Small-scale generation of solar electricity. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Small-scale renewable energy projects, such as micro-generation schemes using solar-electric and wind power, and community-owned energy schemes qualify for Government support from a feed-in tariff.

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