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Wind turbines on the coast

Next year the coalition Government will set out its plan for in a new Energy Security and Green Economy Bill. This will be a test of its commitment to be the 'greenest government ever'.

The UK was the first country in the world to set itself legal targets to cut climate-changing emissions. But we must take action across the country to save energy if we are going to meet them.

Get serious about CO2

Workman installing cavity wall insulation

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

The Climate Change Act commits the UK to cut climate change emissions by 80 per cent by 2050. Local councils must take action if we are to hit the target. Local councils in Wales control a budget of £4 billion a year. They use this among other things to control:

Action other councils have already taken to cut carbon emissions

Clackmannashire Council

In May 2008 Clackmannashire Council started working with Partnership for Renewables (PfR) to develop wind turbines on council-owned land. PfR identified potentially suitable sites owned by the council. The company has signed a contract to construct up to four turbines and will pay for their development, construction and operation. The council will get rent for the land, local residents will share in a community benefits package and each turbine will save more than 2,800 tonnes of CO2 a year.


tug-of-war between ordinary people and nuclear

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Members pull for renewables against nuclear. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

The Government believes that nuclear energy production is a solution to Climate Change. This is a seriously misguided approach.

Energy-saving guide

Workman installing house cavity wall insulation

The Energy Saving Trust has published a guide showing how people can reduce their carbon emissions by 3 per cent a year and help to prevent climate change.

Things they recommend people do to reduce their carbon emissions are:

Join the Energy Revolution

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Image: Friends of the Earth

Support renewable energy.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth took part in a national Day of Action on the 25th October 2008 to encourage individuals and community groups to support renewable energy and ‘Join the Energy revolution’.

Big Ask

Three young people holding messages supporting The Big Ask campaign

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

The Big Ask is a campaign which is demanding that the Government reduces carbon emissions across the UK by 3 percent every year.

Many people are already involved and 70 percent of the population agree that the Government needs to be doing a lot more to tackle climate change.

Cut Europe's carbon emissions

Low energy light bulb

Climate scientists say release of climate change gases into the atmosphere will cause major changes to global whether patterns. This is already causing parts of the polar ice sheets to melt raising sea levels. Other global changes predicted include:

Yes to Scarweather Wind Farm Assembly Demo

Tug-of-war between ordinary people and the nuclear lobby

Local group members stage a tug-of-war between renewable energy and nuclear power outside National Assembly. Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth.

Yes to Scarweather Wind Farm Assembly Demonstration

Environmental campaigners from all over Wales staged a tug-of-war between nuclear energy and renewable energy outside the National Assembly building.

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