MOOsflash! Cows on the coMOOte in London

Businessman with a cow's head in the London tube network

Friends of the Earth has launched the latest stage in the Fix the Food Chain campaign. with a video of cows CowMOOting on the Tube in London whilst reading the MOOtro.

Big success on the food bill - thanks for making it happen

Fix the Food Chain logo

** Campaign update **

Unfortunately despite this Bill having strong support from MPs of all parties thanks to the lobbying of them done by our supporters, opposition by a small minority of MPs ensured that the Bill didn't get through to the next stage. This is a big disapointment to us but we will try again.

Fix the Food Chain

fix the food chain logo

The meat and the dairy industry produces more climate-changing emissions than every plane, train and car on the planet. The food chain links factory farms in the UK to the rainforests of South America where huge soy plantations are wiping out wildlife and making climate change worse.

Palm Oil Day of Action

Eight people in orang-utang masks

Cardiff Friends of the Earth palm oil campaign stall, Queen Street Photo: Lindsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Palm Oil Day of Action

29 October 2005 - Queen Street, Cardiff

Big business is clearing rainforest in south east Asia to make way for palm oil plantations. This has a devastating impact on wildlife and local communities.

GM scarecrows at the assembly

AMs laugh at GM scarecrows

Assembly Members supporting the GM-free Wales scarecrows campaign. Photo: Lyndsay Maiden, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

** Campaign update **

Thanks to your efforts the National Assembly for Wales passed a strong law that prevented GM crops from being grown in Wales. The UK Government later abandoned it's attempts to grow GM crops in the UK.

GM-free scarecrows march on the Assembly

23 February 2005

Real Food

Woman at a cheese stall

Cardiff's Real Food Market

Food and farming in the UK faces a stark choice. Do we continue to put profit first? Or adopt practices that safeguard the future of what we eat and those who provide it.

If we let them the Government, biotech industry and supermarkets will decide for us. It's time to put your foot down.

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