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European otter

Environment Minister Rory Stewart has said that the UK Government doesn’t want to weaken our nature laws.

Our campaigning is starting to pay off. Our supporters have:

Protect our nature sites

Castell Coch and beech wood

Photo: Chris Brown, Cardiff Friends of the Earth

Nature sites like the Beech Woods near Castell Coch, Cardiff are protected by European laws. These laws and the wildlife they protect are now under threat because they are being reviewed by the European Commission.

Tell Euro MPs to put their best hoof forward

Black and white cow 

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Thousands across Europe have joined us in calling for planet-friendly farming in Europe's farm policy reform. Because of this MEPs have accepted the need to:

Show your opposition to GM crops in Europe

Evil corn on the cob with a "Stop the Crop" logo

In March the European Commission gave the go ahead to the first genetically modified crop to be grown in Europe since 1998. This decision has been condemned by Friends of the Earth Europe.

Ask for EU recycling targets

James Maiden, handing Councillor Simon Wakefield a bottle at City Hall

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Coordinator, James Maiden, handing Chair of the Environmental Scrutiny Committee, Simon Wakefield, a Message in a Bottle. Photo: Lyndsay Maiden.

Ask for EU recycling targets

The European Union is currently reviewing its main waste law, the Waste Framework Directive. There is a disagreement between the European Parliament and the EU member states over what should be in it.

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