South America

Stop the killings in Honduras

Berta Cáceres. murdered. Nelson Garcia, murdered. Gustavo Castro, in danger

In the last two weeks four activists have been shot in Honduras. Two are dead and one is still in grave danger.

Berta Cáceres was an indigenous leader and celebrated defender of the environment. She opposed the Agua Zarca mega-dam project in Honduras. On 2 March Berta was shot dead in her own home.

Murder over Guatemala's palm oil fields

Rigoberto Lima Choc

On September 18, environmental activist Rigoberto Lima Choc was murdered in Northern Guatemala. This happened just after a court upheld charges he filed denouncing massive pollution caused by a palm oil company called Reforestadora de Palma de Petén (REPSA).

Land and autonomy in Costa Rica

Demonstrators carrying banners

Photo: Henry Picado, Friends of the Earth Costa Rica

On August 9 2012 the Indigenous Peoples National Front (FRENAPI) marched in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, to commemorate the second anniversary of the violent eviction of indigenous people from the Costa Rican National Assembly.

Help free Miguel Corera

Miguel Correa

Photo: © Friends of the Earth

Miguel Correa, urgently needs our help following his wrongful arrest for murder in Paraguay.

Twenty year old Miguel was a participant in Friends of the Earth Paraguay's sustainable farming project.

He feared his friend had been injured in violent clashes during a police-led eviction of peasant farmers. Shots were fired, resulting in 17 dead and many injured.

One year on, where is Sandra?

Sandra Viviana

Today marks the first anniversary of the disappearance of 26-year-old Sandra Viviana Cuellar Gallego, an environmental engineer and activist from Cali, Colombia.

At the time of her disappearance, Sandra was on her way to the National University in Palmira, Valle del Cauca Department.

Her identity card and cell phone were found a few days later near where she was supposed to catch a bus.

Stop the El Quimbo Dam project

View of river with wooded banks on a sunny day

The River Magdalena, Colombia. Photo: RitaCuba

The El Quimbo Hydroelectric Project is the first dam in Colombia built entirely by a multinational corporation, Emgesa. The dam would create a lake of about about 8,250 ha, almost twice the size of Lake Vyrnwy.

Prevent development destroying Argentinian wildlife

 View of wetlands and trees

Photo: Ribera Conurbano Sur

A proposed development on the coast near Buenos Aires, Argentina, threatens ecological reserves and local communities.

Goldcorp damages health in Honduras

Mother holding young child with blisters on its back

Child with a skin disorder. Photo: Madre Tierra

Madre Tierra (Friends of the Earth Honduras) has denounced the health problems in Valle de Siria caused by a subsidiary of the Canadian gold company Goldcorp.

Stop Del Monte GM pineapple


Photo: samurai/FreeDigitalPhotos

The Costa Rican Coordination Network on Biodiversity calling for European consumers to take action after the Costa Rican Government granted LM Veintiuno permission to expand the area cultivated with a genetically modified (GM) pineapple called “Piña Rose”.

Land occupations in Brazil

Map of Brazil in green, with male and female peasants superimposed

Logo of Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST)

The Rural Landless Peasant Movement (MST) have organized three land occupations in Rio Grande do Sul State in the south of Brazil. The occupations came as a result of the federal and state governments failing to deliver the promised agrarian reform.

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