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Tell Amber Rudd to keep support for solar

A family standing outside a house with solar panels on it.

Photo: Friends of the Earth

In May Climate Change Minister Amber Rudd said she wanted to unleash a “solar revolution”. Instead she is planning to cut support for solar by 87%.

If these cuts go through:

Help save rooftop solar energy in the UK

Workmen installing a solar panel on a house roof

Photo: Friends of the Earth

The Government plans to remove support for solar, just when it was finding its feet.

They want to scrap the Feed in Tarrif for solar power. An estimated 20,000 people could lose their jobs as a result.

Around a million homes, schools and hospitals will lose out on solar installations – according to the Government’s own figures.

Tell your MP to save solar energy in the UK

A family with solar panels on their house

© Friends of the Earth

The Government have announced plans to remove all support for solar, putting real jobs and vital progress on clean energy at risk.

Without urgent action:

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