Friends of the Earth Cardiff - coal mining en Tell the Government to leave coal in the ground <p><img src="/files/foecardiff/images/coal_and_tree.jpg" alt="Pile of coal in front of a tree" width="500" height="333" /></p> <p>On Friday, UK ministers will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change. But they&rsquo;re still letting opencast mines dig up huge amounts of coal.</p> <p>If the Government is serious about tackling climate change, it must stop companies digging up yet more coal.</p> <p>For every person who signs our petition, we&rsquo;ll deliver a lump of coal to the Government to remind them of what they need to do.</p> <p><a href="">read more</a></p> Climate and Energy coal mining Tue, 19 Apr 2016 17:20:00 +0000 Chris 615 at Stop coal mining at Nant Llesg <p><img height="333" width="500" alt="Mock funeral procession protesting about opencast coal" src="/files/foecardiff/images/Nant_Llesg_opencast_march.jpg" /></p> <p><em>Photo: United Valleys Action Group</em></p> <p>Coal mining company Miller Argent is making a grab for common land near Merthyr Tydfil, so it can create a massive opencast coal mine.</p> <p>Last summer, thousands of people objected to Miller Argent&rsquo;s planning application to dig up six million tonnes of coal at Nant Llesg.</p> <p><a href="">read more</a></p> Climate and Energy coal mining Wed, 20 Jan 2016 16:23:00 +0000 Chris 608 at