Cardiff Friends of the Earth

People in green helmets queuing outside the jobcentre to show that green is working

Cardiff Friends of the Earth is a local group of Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are a friendly group of volunteers working on local, regional, national and international environmental campaigns.

We've been very active recently. But the threats and pressures on the environment are ever increasing. Every year there are more and more issues needing a green voice. That's why we're always eager to welcome new people.

As you can see from these pages, we do a huge range of activities; from fun outdoors stuff to petitioning and lobbying politicians. Find out more about our philosophy and how we work.

The group is open to people of all ages and backgrounds and there will almost certainly going to be an activity you will enjoy. You can be involved as much or as little as you like, choosing the campaigns that interest you. Drop in at one of our regular meetings to say hello and see what you think.

Read our newsletters to find out more about what we do. You can also sign up to receive our newsletters which will keep you up to date about the campaigns we are running.