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We welcome people to come and join Cardiff Friends of the Earth and take on different roles and volunteer opportunities.


We appreciate any time that people can spare and value everyone's skills and knowledge.

As a group member, you will have access to support and training opportunities.

Each year Cardiff Friends of the Earth has an Annual General Meeting (AGM). Group members elect group coordinators and other group support roles that are integral to the functioning of Cardiff Friends of the Earth.


Some of these positions are currently filled, however If you think you might be good at any of these we welcome new and enthusiastic people to get in touch and discuss any opportunities. 

Roles and opportunities 

Group coordinators:

This position is currently filled and is shared between two group members. The role involves: 

  • Acting as a point of contact for the group. 

  • Planning meetings

  • Helping people get involved and offering support. 


This position is currently filled. The role involves: 

  • Monitoring and recording all income and expenditure for the group

  • Monitoring online group banking. 

  • Producing the annual accounts for presentation at the AGM

Membership Secretary:

This position is currently filled and is shared between several group members. The role involves: 

  • Processing new membership  applications. 

  • Maintaining a database of membership fees (GDPR compliant)

  • Notifying paid members of renewal 

  • Managing the new members Welcome Pack

  • Supporting the group to attract and retain members. 

Communications Volunteers: 

We currently have several communications volunteers, however we always welcome more people to share out the work. The role involves: 

  • Managing the group social media accounts via Hootsuite.

  • Writing press releases for events and activities. 

  • Liaising and building links with local media. 

  • Help build our social media following. 

Campaigners and Activists: 

All group members. The role involves: 

  • Supporting the development of campaign strategy for both local issues and national issues that are directed by Friends of the Earth and Friends of the Earth Cymru. 

  • Supporting, organising and promoting activities and events to deliver the group campaigns. 

  • Attending group monthly meetings and campaign meetings and sharing updates on campaigns. 

  • Ensure the website blog relating to the campaigns are up to date. 

  • Liaise with communications volunteers to support the social media for the campaigns. 

  • Ensure the values of Friends of the Earth are maintained. 

Cardiff Friends of the Earth AGM reports and group charter: 

Please find the link to our most recent AGM meeting. 

AGM - 2020

AGM - 2019

Please find the link to the Cardiff Friends of the Earth Group Member Charter.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth Charter

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