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Cardiff Friends of the Earth is a local group of Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We are a friendly group of volunteers who campaign on local, regional and national environmental issues.

Mae Cyfeillion y Ddaear Caerdydd yn grŵp lleol o Gyfeillion y Ddaear Lloegr, Cymru a Gogledd Iwerddon. Rydym yn grŵp cyfeillgar o wirfoddolwyr sy'n ymgyrchu ar faterion amgylcheddol lleol, rhanbarthol a chenedlaethol.

Support Cardiff  Friends of The Earth on key local issues relating to the environment, climate change and the climate emergency. 

Our Campaigns

Cardiff Friends of the Earth builds ties with the community through hosting stalls at public events, lobbying decision-makers, organising peaceful demonstrations – and a whole lot more.

Friends of the Earth Local Groups have a fantastic track record of defending the things that we care most about. Whether that's fending off dirty energy projects like coal mines and fracking – or restoring habitats so that nature can thrive.

Our Mission
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Our Goals

  • Strengthening scrutiny in regards to Cardiff Council's One Planet Plan and working with relatable organisations to achieve this.

  • Ongoing campaigning and activities to stop communities in Cardiff from going cold for good in regards to the cost-of-living crisis, energy crisis, and the climate and nature emergencies.

  • Working with Coal Action Network (CAN) and FoE Cymru to voice concerns over and opposition to Welsh mining. 

  • Support the Cardiff Climate Action Group (Friends of the Earth) on key issues relating to climate change and the climate emergency. 

  • Promote equality, environmental justice and celebrate Cardiff’s unique and diverse population. 

We Need Your Support Today!

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