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Forest Trees

Agenda 2023

Cardiff Friends of the Earth is all about discussing and acting on what matters to our members and volunteers! This page is regularly updated with our current projects. If you feel like you want to get more information, get involved or even suggest some action points, contact us and we will let you know how to join the group. 


Warm this Winter  - Wales

A movement for change

Cardiff FoE is currently very active on the topic: 

1. We support the national effort to raise concerns on the matter by participating in local actions & protests. Check our events page to find out. 

2. We provide the info and the training that you need, to understand the campaign in Wales. Check our posts on the matter. 

3. We are planning on a local action using a thermal imaging camera to raise awareness on energy in Cardiff. Contact us by email to join the action group. 

No sure yet what to do? Get informed, get aware and sign the petition ! 

One Planet

Environmental Scrutiny

One Planet establishes targets for Cardiff Council to be Carbon Neutral in its activities by 2030, and to work in partnership with stakeholders to develop a pathway for a Carbon Neutral City.


Cardiff FoE is currently working on how to set up an independent scrutiny process to check on our Council and its actions in regards to One Planet. It will be one of our big project for 2023 and a working group has already been created. If you're interested or require more info, send us an email. 

Ffos y fran.jpeg

Coal mines in Wales

Local action for a regional impact

FoE Cardiff is currently working with Coal Action Network (CAN) and FoE Cymru to voice concerns over and opposition to Welsh mining. Cardiff being the Welsh Capital, we mainly liaise and help in organising protests and share information and opportunities to get more involved on the matter. 

Our main focuses are on Ffos-y-Fran (in solidarity with FoE Merthyr Tydfil) & Aberpergwm mine. 

We have a couple of members interested in getting more involved so if you feel like joining, contact us by email and check our posts

Mural in Cardiff

Outreach Event

Since a couple of months and the great success of the 2021 mural in Grangetown, some of our members are discussing creative options for a Cardiff FoE mural in partnership with other local organisations to raise awareness on environmental issue in our city. There is still quite a lot of networking and brainstorming to be done for anyone interested in joining and helping ! Contact us ASAP if you want to act locally and peacefully for a big impact on our community. 

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