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Aberpergwm coal mine - why it matters

FoE Cymru & FoE Cardiff are actively campaigning to stop an expansion to the existing Aberpergwm deep coal mine in South Wales to extract a further 42 million tonnes of coal, emitting around 100 million tonnes of CO2 and up to 1.17 million tonnes of methane, until 2039. The licence for the expansion has been issued by the UK Coal Authority, we are now seeking to challenge that decision in court - we are doing so in collaboration with Coal Action Network, Greenpeace local groups, XR Cymru, Wales Green party and Wales Libdem party.

Cardiff FoE supports in organising and participating in protests, as well as in sharing the information and liaising with different local groups whose members might be from South Wales and feel like the issue is close to home.


Coal to be excavated

72 million tonnes in total - 30 million tonnes of which will be "middling" coal to be dumped or put back into the coal mine.

Coal to be sold

42 million tonnes during the life of the extension

CO2 emissions

100-120 million tonnes

Methane emissions

up to 1.17 million tonnes

Mining company

Energybuild Ltd/Energybuild Mining Ltd.



Uses (claimed)

​60% of the coal goes to steelworks, 20% domestic heating (80% overall), with the remaining to mixed industrial uses. In 2023, prediction of 70% of the coal going to steelworks and domestic heating (reduction of 10%), with the remaining to mixed industrial uses

Local Authority

Neath Port Talbot


Planning permission to mine coal until 2039 (this is often subsequently extended)

Latest news on Aberpergwm

CAN legal challenge will be heard by a senior High Court judge on 15th-16th March 2023. Permission to proceed to a full Judicial Review in the High Court indicates they have a solid case - expect some action in the next few months in Cardiff. If you would like to get involved, contact us.

To see all the timeline of action click here

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