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Cardiff unites for warm homes

The weather may be heating up but Friends of the Earth groups in Wales are continuing their campaign calling for warm homes for everyone, knowing that we cannot go into another winter where people's lives will be put at risk by sky high energy bills and heat leaking homes.

People from across the city met in Grangetown Pavilion in April 2024 to listen to speakers and create a community quilt.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth held a community event in April at Grangetown Pavilion to gather people from across the city centre to create an illustrated fabric square for their growing community quilt and write postcards to their MPs asking them to support the asks of Friends of the Earth's United for Warm Homes campaign:

Urgent support for people dealing with sky-high energy bills.  

  • A new emergency programme to insulate our heat-leaking homes.  

  • An energy system powered by cheap, green renewables. 

During the event, attendees illustrated fabric squares to add to a community quilt

Attendees heard from a panel of speakers working on fuel poverty and renewable energy projects including Dr Simon Lannon from Cardiff School of Architecture who shared their research on mapping fuel poverty and health issues across Cardiff to inform targeted support to communities, Jon Townend from Ynni Teg, a social enterprise that supports communities to develop their own community energy projects and Jenny Lloyd from Friends of the Earth Cymru who shared their latest research with the Institute of Healthy Equity on the health impact of living in cold homes.

They were also joined by Nest, an energy support scheme that gave advice on the help available for people struggling to pay for their rising energy bills.

There was a buzz in the room all evening with people sharing ideas for campaigning, building new partnerships and getting crafty.

The upcoming general election gives us an opportunity to make sure the next UK government puts climate justice at its centre, so watch this space for more action as Friends of the Earth groups prepare to put their demands for a social and climate just UK Parliament to our politicians.  

You can read more about the United for Warm Homes campaign here.

Communities from across Wales got crafty for the United for Warm Homes Day of Action 18th November.

Cardiff Friends of the Earth brought people together from across the city to make a community quilt this November.

Some of us are having to choose between heating and eating. We need to help those who most need it the most - and reduce our climate emissions - by insulating Wales's heat-leaking homes, which are cold and expensive to heat.

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