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Clean Air and Transport

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Cardiff Friends of the Earth is working with other local organisations to form a clean air alliance.

We aim to accelerate and enable the comprehensive clean up of Cardiff's dangerous air pollution in the fairest, fastest and most sustainable way possible.

Latest clean air and transport news

30-November-2020 - UPDATE

Are you walking and cycling in Cardiff? Have your say!

Add your voice and help improve cycling/walking routes in your neighbourhood.

All comments will help inform plans for future improvements to the walking and cycling network in Cardiff.


Clean Air Day is happening on the 8th October 2020 and Global Action Plan are hosting a full day of free virtual events to inspire others to play their part in cleaning up our air. Check out the full programme here.

For #CleanAirDay, Cardiff Friends of the Earth are calling on Cardiff Council to go further and faster to allocate road space to active and sustainable travel.

We welcome the changes to Castle Street and Wellfield Road so far, and would like to see these made permanent!


Wales new Clean Air Plan has been published proposing a Wales Clean Air Act.


Where should Cardiff Council be making more space for walking, active transport and physical distancing? Have your say on Widen my path!

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