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Ffos - y - Fran. The fight of FoE Merthyr Tydfil

FoE Merthyr (Alyson & Chris) & Coal Action Network are campaigning to stop an application to extend the existing Ffos-y-Fran opencast coal mine in South Wales by 9 months initially, then a further 3 years. This represents a betrayal of promises made to local communities living nearby in Merthyr Tydfil by the coal operator, and Merthyr Council.

FoE Cardiff acts in support, sharing the information and participating in protests and meetings with CAN. Some of our members are from Merthyr and it definitively hits home to get involved on the topic. Chris & Alyson from FoE Merthyr are campaigning since 2004 on Ffos-y-Fran !

The latest action was this Thursday 12th January 2023, when Chris and Alyson, who live close to the Ffos-y-Fran coal mine, delivered the Coal Action Network petition of over 20,000 signatures to the Welsh Government's Planning Inspectorate.


Coal to be sold

1.86 million tonnes in total - 240,000 tonnes during the 9 month extension and 1.62 million tonnes during the 3 year extension

CO2 emissions

Approximately 5.8 million tonnes

Methane emissions

16 thousand tonnes in total

Coal operator

​Merthyr (South Wales) Ltd


Thermal Coal



Uses (claimed)

steelworks, domestic heating, cement...etc.

Local Authority

Merthyr County Borough Council


4 years in total (9 month extension + 3 year extension)

Fore more details and information click here

If you want to get involved with Cardiff FoE on the matter, contact us

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