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It's Apple time with Orchard Cardiff and FoE (checkout the forager map!)

Orchard Cardiff is a not-for-profit community group who helps people harvest, share and enjoy locally grown fruit ! A few of FoE Cardiff have decided to start harvesting and learning about apples in their local area, and they loved it - it is a very easy & accessible way to get involved in your local community food and biodiversity.

The idea? If people have apple trees and cannot harvest them or do not know what to do with so may apples, they can contact Orchard Cardiff and they harvest for them, then sharing among volunteers and local groups (for example, Oasis in Splott or local pantries). They even keep some when possible for future workshop around compote, juice, vinegar and cider...

Orchard Cardiff also developed an interactive forager map - mapping out fruit trees in the Welsh Capital.

Check out the forager map below!

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